Sick cats you need to know!

Sick cats you need to know!

What a sick cat, huh? and how to prevent and treat it?

Previously, we had to regularly check the health of our pets.

Usually, a sick cat can be caused by several factors, it can be viruses, bacteria or external injuries. However, usually the most found is Fever.

According to Write on Wall, this is it!

Attitude Change

What is immediately noticeable when a cat is sick is a change in its attitude.

If suddenly your cat becomes quiet and not as agile as usual, it could be that your cat is sick, Kids.

Even though it looks trivial, you should still pay attention to it, yes.

Often sleep and limp

A sick cat will sleep more.

Not only that, the sick cat also becomes limp, Kids.

Not Much To Eat

Well, Kids, usually sick cats tend not to appetite or eat less than usual.

If your cat has no appetite for a full day, it could be a cat experiencing various problems, such as nausea, and problems in the kidneys.

On the other hand, if the cat suddenly becomes greedy, it can indicate the presence of health problems.

Vomiting and diarrhea

When a cat has a fever, it will usually be accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, Kids.

If your cat is showing signs of illness, check the litter box.

Friends can also follow the cat when he wants to relieve himself, then watch The Shape of the feces.

Suddenly Fierce

In addition to the above characteristics, a sick cat can also turn out to be fierce.

When you are sick, the cat also feels bad on his body. He felt uncomfortable and did not want anyone to approach him.

High body temperature

To determine your cat’s temperature, use a rectal thermometer.

The normal temperature of cats ranges from 37.5-39 degrees Celsius.

If your cat’s body temperature is more than 39 degrees Celsius, the cat has a fever.

You can give him medicine or see a doctor, Kids.

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